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LAUREN / Nihen

Boudoir is more than just what I do. It’s a passion of mine. My goal is to create a safe, welcoming place where women have permission to feel beautiful – inside and out! I love helping women recognize their true selves and the look on their faces when they see what we’ve created together is priceless. The inner peace and self worth these sessions impart on my clients is seriously unreal. I invite you to discover it for yourself! I think everyone should.

female boudoir photographerMY STYLE

All sessions are unique and I absolutely love hearing how you want to be photographed. Let’s create something! I’m always down to explore poses, moody lighting and different locations so please, tell me your boudoir dreams! With that said, I love the dark and moody photos AND the light and airy photos so during your consult, we’ll talk about what look you’re going for and I’ll plan out your session accordingly.


I photograph all my sessions out of my home in Auburn, California! I love my studio space. It has tons of great light. Sometimes I’ll set up a pool/milk bath session in the backyard, shoot on location at Folsom Lake, or even go to my client’s home. The possibilities do not stop at my studio so let me know what your vision is!


Women come to me for boudoir sessions for all different kinds of reasons. Whether they are getting married, having an anniversary, going through some life changes or celebrating milestones (my favorite reason is the “just because” reason). Whatever your reason for stepping through my doors, you deserve to indulge in boudoir. Seeing these women transform in front of my eyes is such a blessing and I want to help all women see how beautiful they are – to help them see themselves how I see them.

I had someone write to me once and they said…

“I think if I saw all my vulnerabilities turned into something so beautiful as a whole, the everyday insecurities would have less power over my thoughts and less control over my self-worth.”

Wow. I literally came to tears reading what she wrote me and I was so touched she took the time to do so. I mean, what if, right? What if you saw yourself how I see you? What if you saw all your insecurities and self perceived “flaws” in a way you haven’t before? Would you feel empowered? Would you feel beautiful? Would you feel like enough? That’s my hope and my dream and my overall goal with Just Peachy Boudoir.


When I’m not photographing beautiful people, I’m either hanging out with my wonderful husband, or out at the barn riding my horse. I love baking cakes I shouldn’t eat, drinking champagne anytime of day and traveling. I enjoy working out, cuddling the crap out of my pit bull and scolding my cat for eating my plants (!!!). I love coffee, gummy bears in my frozen yogurt and kiwis are my favorite fruit! I love reading, writing and having constructive and mind exploring discussions.

Now what about you?

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