Don’t Believe Every Stupid Thing You Think

Our minds are always thinking. But do we ever stop and think about what we think about? Sounds silly but honestly, when was the last time your brain told you how fat you were? Or how lazy? Has it told you you’re not worthy of love? Or that you’re not beautiful? I know MY brain has told me these things and for a long time I listened to it without actually stopping and thinking about what I was thinking about.

Because what if we stopped for a moment and challenged those thoughts? What if we sat down with ourselves and said, well, is all of that really true? Is it true or is it something my mind is telling me in the moment and I’m choosing to believe it. Because thoughts are choices too. Actions are more visible but thoughts are the dangerous cavities that fester and turn into big problems if we let them.

Boudoir to me is about challenging those voices in your head that tell you you’re not enough. It’s about challenging the thoughts that are limiting you in some way and forming better ones. Positive thoughts can go a very long way to changing how we feel about ourselves. Positive thoughts can form habits and habits become a lifestyle. What if you made it a habit to love yourself and it turned into your lifestyle? That would be so amazing! And let me tell you it’s possible. Hard. Extremely hard in fact, but possible.

Changing your thoughts, especially comfortable negative ones, is a process and one that is ongoing. You will never reach a point in your life where you’re “cured.” But it will get easier! Overtime you can change your brain into thinking nice thoughts about yourself. Encouraging thoughts that give you the power to believe you can do anything and be anyone. All it takes is a first step. Like all long journeys and lifestyle changes, the first step is the hardest. The second and third easier over time. The tenth, maybe you fall off the wagon. But get back on that MF wagon babe. Life is too short to do anything less than love the person you are.

If you don’t believe me, let me show you! Boudoir is so much more than just creating beautiful images of yourself. It’s finding your courage, your inner strength and seeing yourself in a different light. Boudoir helps you challenge those negative thoughts and has the power to fill your head with nicer words to describe yourself.


Bombshell. Beautiful. Sexy. Feminine. Strong. Enough. Loved. Courageous.

And soooo many more.

Because you are more than your subconscious mind is telling you you are if you just stop and think about what you think about.

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