Why My Boudoir Approach Is Different

I want to take a minute and talk about why my boudoir approach is different from other photographers. I think it is important to choose your experience carefully! One of the key factors in a session with me is that I WANT you to engage. I want you to tell me what poses you want, how you feel sexy, what you feel sexy in. Maybe the word “sexy” isn’t even your word. Maybe beautiful is more appropriate, or sensual, or fun. My point is, boudoir is not a cookie cutter experience. You should not be forced into poses that you’ve seen a hundred times or that you feel is unauthentic to you. I’ve heard from so many women about how they have had a boudoir experience before only to be taken through a variety of poses that felt stiff. They feel as though the photographer is simply pulling poses from a book because those are “boudoir poses.”

I don’t think all poses fit all women!

There are too many variables to have each session be the same five/ten/twenty poses.

Okay, so maybe when I said, “I want you to engage,” you got a little nervous. Maybe you don’t think you have the confidence, maybe you don’t know how to pose, maybe you just don’t know what to expect and you’re thinking, “how am I supposed to engage?? That sounds scary.” DON’T WORRY! In the beginning of your session, I pose you and lead you every step of the way. We start out super easy and I get a feel for how you want to be portrayed and what your personality is. I’ll tell you that if you are feeling a certain pose, touch your hair, look down, give the camera a sexy look, toss your hair, tug on your outfit, etc. You don’t have to do any of those things if you don’t want to, but it makes it so much more fun when you do!

Then when I see you do one of those things, I encourage you to keep going and soon that confidence is in full swing and YOU soon will be the one directing the posing. Okay, did I get ahead of you again? That’s okay. You can totally come into your session not thinking you’re going to take charge and tell me what you want. It’s okay if you want me to direct you through the entire shoot! I have no problem doing that for you. But your boudoir session becomes a transformative experience when you embrace what you are doing and who you are. When you engage and help me to see the real you, that’s when the magic happens and we produce some bomb ass photos of your gorgeous self!

My approach is different because I take into account who YOU are. I don’t go off a posing book and generally I have NO IDEA how I’m going to pose you when you step foot through my doors. Your session is a go with the flow process of discovery and I want you in on it babe! That being said, all of that doesn’t mean I don’t know posing. I have spent years developing my repertoire of posing for all body types. But since all poses don’t fit all women, I like to tailor your session based on your personality, body type, outfit choices and how you want to be portrayed.

Sound like fun? That’s because it is! I’m always down to answer questions so drop me an email or a DM on Instagram and let’s get chatting!

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