Why I Became A Boudoir Photographer

Why I Became A Boudoir Photographer

The simple answer to why I became a boudoir photographer is, I used to be a wedding photographer! My first bride (who I will forever be grateful to for trusting me back then!) asked me if I would take some “sexy photos” of her as a gift to her groom. I was super nervous but also intrigued so of course I said yes! We photographed them in her own home and we both had a blast. She made it easy and had so many personal touches in the session that I just loved (ie: they were into playing Dungeons and Dragons so we had her holding her collection of dice in a few images). After that, my next bride also asked me to take boudoir photos of her and so it just eventually evolved from there! I soon was photographing sessions out of my own home where I crafted my first studio and set up something that really resonated with me and my clients.

It wasn’t long before I started to notice a trend. All of my clients were women who before their session would tell me about something they were self conscious about. Whether it was their curves, their lack of curves, their stomach (spoiler alert, this was and still is a concern for 99% of my clients) or something else about their body or how they thought they weren’t sexy or photogenic. The responses varied but the idea was always the same: these women were lacking self confidence in some area of themselves. They saw a part of themselves as less than, or a part of themselves they wanted to minimize or forget about.

I realized then how much more boudoir meant to these women. It wasn’t just a wedding present, or something different to gift your significant other. This experience was about discovering yourself again and allowing yourself to feel beautiful, confident and enough as you are. It sounds cliche and a little cheesy but honestly, this need to show these women how beautiful they are really resonated with something inside me. I wanted to prove to them that they ARE beautiful.

I wanted to show her what the world sees when they look at her. 

Nowadays, my message is pretty clear. I want you to rock the best version of yourself and I want to help you unveil her. I want to show you what you have going on and hopefully instill the confidence in you that you are enough and you are unique and worthy of love and self respect. When you’re confident, everything in life comes easier because you have moved out of your own way and can focus on other things. When you love yourself, you can move forward love others. When you felt self worth, you can spread it to those who also need to feel it. When you work on you, everything is better and that is what I want boudoir to be about. It’s self care. It’s pampering. It’s discovery. It’s therapy. It’s whatever you need it to be.

We judge ourselves harsher than anyone else and as soon as I realized that us women have all these insecurities in common, I wanted to help as many women as possible overcome them.

Boudoir is so much more than a business for me. It’s a lifestyle message and it’s a way of life that I want to live and share with others. It’s a movement towards a better head space for her, for us, and for YOU.

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