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Bodysuits are seriously the most flattering thing EVER. They seem to look great on every body type imaginable. Other flattering pieces are teddies and sheer robes. Lace and ribbon add details and of course color is also important! All of the items listed below will be flattering on most body types and photograph well.


Thigh high stockings, thigh high socks, garter belts, etc are all great add on pieces for your shoot. They elongate your legs and add a sultry, sexy vibe to your photos. Plus, you’ll feel amazing strutting around in them. High socks are always fun to pair with a slouchy t-shirt or oversize sweater.


Don’t forget the shoes! High heels elongate those legs and they don’t have to be comfortable for boudoir. Other shoes that are fun can be thigh high boots, sparkly shoes or of course you can always go barefoot as well.

Do you want to have more of a themed boudoir session? Are you a bride? The following options might just be perfect for you. Check out this bride themed apparel. There are tons of options for your boudoir session and you can get as creative as you like!




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sacramento boudoir photographer

Why I Became A Boudoir Photographer

I didn’t start out as a boudoir photographer. I didn’t even know boudoir photography existed when I first began my journey into photography. When you start out, you “specialize” in everything. I was trying out all different types of photography and my business card read – portraits, engagement, family, children, seniors. I didn’t even have weddings on there because I had yet to photograph one.

Fast forward and my very first bride EVER asked me if I could take sexy photos of her because she wanted to gift an album to her soon to be hubby. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but I agreed to do it! The shoot turned out to be a lot of fun and we got some amazing images that her husband LOVED.

sacramento boudoir photographer

After that shoot, I had another one of my brides ask me to do a sexy photo shoot for her husband-to-be…then I got another bride who asked…this happened a few more times before I finally realized that a) I should probably start officially offering boudoir photography to my brides and b) I was falling head over heels in love with this genre of photography.

It didn’t take me long to realize I wanted to do boudoir photography more.

The session that sealed the deal for me was early on. I showed one of my clients a photo on the back of the camera during her session and she goes, “Wow! I didn’t know I could look like that!” That is why I do boudoir. Because every woman should be able to look at a photo of herself and go wow, that’s really me?

Boudoir to me means confidence and inner beauty. As much as it seems boudoir photography is all about outer appearances, it really doesn’t matter what you look like. Boudoir isn’t about being the perfect size, the perfect shape – I mean, what even is that?? – It’s about having confidence in yourself. When you have confidence, it oozes out of you. Your confidence touches every part of yourself and it’s something you can’t fake. This is hard for some people, leading them to say excuses like “I’m not skinny enough” “I don’t see myself like this/this type of session isn’t for me” and the personal attacks excuses go on and on and on…

You have it in you. I know you do because I see it come out during my sessions. I pull it out of you! When you are confident, you are beautiful, stunning, fierce and unstoppable. You could have clothes on and still gain the same experience out of this photo session. What you wear (or don’t wear) doesn’t matter – it’s just the icing on top. What matters is finding it in yourself to feel like you are feminine and enough.

These are all reasons why I became a boudoir photographer. Women need more love and self respect in this world. Many of us feel the need to compare and judge ourselves based on other people’s high light reels. We go to the grocery store and don’t share a smile with the people we pass. We don’t compliment the woman with the nice shoes or who looks like they did their hair extra nice today. Why?

Boudoir to me is extending my light and my confidence to others. I have the skills and the means to show women they are beautiful. I have the courage to give them an experience unlike any other. That’s why I became a boudoir photographer – to extend compassion instead of comparison and to show you the truth about yourself: that you are enough.

Meet the Photographer: 30 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Hi all! My name is Lauren and I’m the photographer behind Just Peachy Boudoir! Since you are trusting me with this intimate boudoir experience, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of who I am behind the camera. I’m not just some faceless brand and I will never hide behind the camera. I’ll be the first one to show you a pose and we can laugh together when it feels awkward AF because let’s be real, boudoir is a workout AND if you feel awkward in a pose, guess what, you’re probably doing it right!

So here we go! Here are 30 things you probably didn’t know about me. Enjoy and oh yeah, if you and I share any of these crazy similarities, let’s be friends yes? 😉


Things You May Not Know About Me

Want the cliff notes version?



Brussel sprouts


Horseback riding

Chips and salsa





Marshmellows (unless it’s in a s’more of course)




Okay, here’s the long version!

I love wolves. And not in the “oh-they-are-cute-so-that’s-my-favorite-animal” kind of way. I wanted to be a wolf biologist for a long time until I realized there was no money in that. After that I just resigned myself to learning everything I could about them. I’ve been to Yellowstone numerous times to see them in the wild and now my goal is to one day go out there and photograph them. Hearing them howl in person is hypnotizing. I even have a small wolf tattoo that I absolutely adore.

Things You May Not Know About Me

I’m afraid of sharks. I will not swim in the ocean and if I do (I went snorkeling in Hawaii and have gone surfing once in Pismo, CA) I stress out about sharks the entire time. I find them fascinating but only with a large sheet of glass separating us.

When I was little, I was terrified of elevators. I would not go in them. I was terrified of it stopping and getting trapped inside. I guess you could say I’m slightly claustrophobic.

I have to have a real Christmas tree. I will never get a fake tree. Ever. I am too obsessed with how a real one smells. It is my favorite part of Christmas time.

My grandparents used to take me camping every year. Starting from when I was 2 years old all the up through high school. Because of them I’ve been to the entire western half of the US + Canada. Camping and traveling are two of my favorite things to do and besides the trips with my grandparents, I’ve been to France, Italy, Mexico and a handful of states on the Eastern side of the US.

I love reading – mainly psychology, space and history books with fiction (sci/fantasy fiction, romance and historical fiction) thrown in when I need to lighten things up. If I could read all day, I would and I’m a fast reader.

My husband and I went to the same high school but we didn’t like each other and didn’t meet again until four years after we graduated.

I have TERRIBLE allergies. Spring is beautiful but unfortunately I have to enjoy it inside. I’ve had allergies my entire life and can’t really enjoy the outdoors in spring without suffering.

I LOVE chips and salsa. You’re supposed to eat them until they’re gone right?

I studied business and marketing at Cal Poly! Go Mustangs! San Luis Obispo was a beautiful place to live and those four years were some of the best of my life.

I take horseback riding lessons once a week. I have been doing this for over a year now and absolutely LOVE it. It is my happy place and I love learning something new. I’ll have horses one day!

I am fascinated by space. Space is something we have only just begun to explore and I think there is life out there but not as we know it. I’m also fascinated with the science of space and how hard it is to wrap our minds around sometimes.

I absolutely love to be in the water. I am a great swimmer and can tread water for a really long time without getting tired. I’m not afraid of drowning and can hold my breath for an above average amount of time.

My favorite meal is breakfast. I love coffee, eggs, toast, mimosas…everything to do with breakfast I adore. My only complaint is sometimes I have trouble deciding what to eat!

I don’t really like horror movies but I somehow have seen a lot of them. I don’t like being scared and my imagination runs wild after I watch one and I end up jumping at every sound in the dark. If I watch them, it is during the middle of the day and I have to watch something light and fluffy afterwards.

I am a terrible speller. The school I went to decided that spelling and grammar were secondary to creativity and writing a good story. I have to say that’s why I love writing so much so I can’t really complain. That’s why spell check exists!

I have a really good sense of direction. I can read a map very well and have only gotten lost once (in Florence, Italy). I enjoy reading maps and when I was younger I used to enjoy drawing them.

My favorite breed of dog is a pit bull. They are the best dogs EVER and just love to snuggle and love you. I’ve had several in my life and known tons more. They are gentle and loving and extremely misunderstood.

My socks never match. This drives my fiance crazy! I have very colorful socks but I rarely can find their match so I just pick whichever two socks I can grab first. Between my dog and the dryer, I have yet to figure out which one is the bigger culprit for making them disappear.

I love to write. I’m always working on some novel. I have yet to finish one but one day I will! I did finish a short story once in high school and it won first place, so that was exciting!

I used to hate cats. I have always been a dog person. If someone had told me years ago that I would have a cat and actually adore him equally as much as my dog, I would have laughed in their face and never would have believed them. I used to be terribly allergic but apparently most of that has gone away. Now I just shake my head when Randy snuggles up to me and I will never say never to something again.

I enjoy filling out forms. When I was younger I liked to pull the survey/subscription cards from magazines and fill them out. I would never send them but I enjoyed the process. I don’t do that anymore but I still enjoy it when real life hands me a form to fill out.

I’m weirdly good at darts. This was discovered in college. I kept winning and the only thing I can think of was when I was younger my grandparents had a dart board that I used to enjoy playing with. After that I didn’t play for almost 20 years…apparently my skills didn’t get rusty.

I hate credit cards. They make it easy to fall into bad habits and can lead you to a warped sense of reality. If I didn’t have to have them, I would cut them up right now. They can be useful of course but I would rather save up, then buy, not buy, then pay off.

I can’t roll my ‘R’s. It’s pretty amusing to watch me try. Ask me sometimes, I might just humor you.

I really wish I liked hummus. I have tried so hard to like it. I have literally tried every single variation they sell at the grocery store and dipped everything from pretzels to carrots to smearing it on sandwiches. Nothing. I think it’s the chickpeas. It’s just not meant to be.

I used to be lactose intolerant. I couldn’t have any milk products or anything that even had milk in it, like bread. That also happened to include chocolate. My force of will overcame that reeeeeal fast. I just could not live in a world where I was incapable of eating chocolate. I have since grown out of it and could not imagine giving up cheese and yogurt…mostly cheese.

I LOVE spicy food. Bring on the heat. Sriracha on all the things! Anything I can apply heat to, I will do it. Luckily my fiance loves spicy foods too so cooking is a breeze!

I consider garlic a mandatory ingredient. And Jerry is okay with that too. I sometimes put an entire head of garlic into my dishes. I seriously cannot get enough of the stuff. Don’t worry, I won’t breath fire on you during your photos ????

5 Secrets To An Awesome Boudoir Session

Don’t be intimidated by a boudoir photography session. For many people it is a huge step outside of their comfort zone and honey, I salute you if you are brave enough to do it! You rock! Some people are more comfortable than others but regardless, it should be a fun, empowering and beautiful experience. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your boudoir session!


Find a boudoir photographer that is relatable to YOU!

Don’t just choose the cheapest photographer. That will get you NOWHERE! Boudoir is a luxury experience and an investment in yourself. You need to spend some time looking around to find a photographer who you can relate to the images they produce, and who you get along with! You need to be able to trust the person you hire to take your photos because otherwise you will not be able to relax, open up and have a great time. Your photos will reflect your emotions! You want to make sure they put you at ease and answer all of your questions. A boudoir experience is an intimate experience that requires some bravery and boldness on your part so find a photographer who respects the process you are going through. Plus, it needs to be a fun experience! Find someone who will make it fun, easy and laid back.

Get your hair and makeup professionally done.

All of Just Peachy’s Collections include professional hair and makeup by one of our amazing vendors – that’s how important we think this step is. There is just something about getting your hair and makeup done by a professional that leaves you feeling ahhhhmazing and confident! You will feel bold and beautiful and it will show in your confidence when it’s time to take your photos. Be sure to include this in your boudoir experience and I highly recommend staying away from the makeup counters at the mall. Hire someone who does these things for a living! It will be well worth it.

Choose outfits that flatter and accentuate your assets.

Don’t force yourself to wear something that doesn’t flatter all of you. Sometimes a bra and panty set is not the best thing and that’s okay! There is nothing wrong with that! Put on a sexy bodysuit or another piece of lingerie. There are countless options for ALL body types. Accentuate what you LOVE about yourself. Love your butt? Wear a killer pair of cheeky panties and some high heels. Love your boobs? Show them off with a sheer cup or lacy push up. I personally consult with everyone before their session and have a wonderful guide that helps find the perfect outfits to bring to your session. When in doubt? Bring more options! Unique designs and fun lingerie tend to look the best in photos so, please, go all out!

Come to your session confident and ready to be yourself.

A good boudoir photographer will be able to pose you to flatter your body and will be able to take amazing photos that you’ll love. However, it’s not all up to us! You need to be ready to give us your all. Come confident, ready to have some fun and to step a bit outside of your comfort zone. Boudoir is all about feeling and I can put you in a pose, but if you don’t SHOW the feeling, it will still look stiff in photos. Think about your significant other, think about a time you felt really sexy and beautiful — the more you THINK about how beautiful and sexy and fun you are, the more it will come through in your images and you will look at your photos and go, “Wow! That’s really me??”

Music is always a good idea!

I will have music playing during hair and makeup and during your session but if you have music you want to bring – DO IT! Everyone has music they love and feel the best listening to. Music is everything when it comes to feelings and getting into whatever state of mind you want to be in. I don’t care what type of music is playing during your session as long as it means something to you!

Boudoir Outfit Inspiration: The Shirt

Many ladies think that boudoir is ONLY lingerie or bras and panties, but that’s not true! If you aren’t into that stuff, no problem. There are a ton of other options for you! One of those options is to bring a t-shirt, button up or flannel to your session. There are tons of ways to use these pieces to show off your gorgeous self. Pair a t-shirt with a sexy pair of lacy undies or bring one of your man’s button up shirts and pose with thigh highs and heels. This is also a great option if you are a little self conscious about certain areas of your body (you shouldn’t be because you’re beautiful but I know these things happen!).

Don’t let not owning or liking lingerie a roadblock for you when you’re thinking about planning a boudoir experience! There are a ton of other options! Take a look at how these ladies used a t-shirt or button up to their advantage.

Boudoir Outfit Inspiration: The Bodysuit

boudoir outfit inspiration

Need some boudoir outfit inspiration? My current favorite lingerie item is the bodysuit! Seriously, they are SO flattering on most body types and come in a variety of fabrics, styles and colors. This one that Ms. A is wearing has so far been my absolute FAV. It is stunning on her! That lace fabric with the flower design is beautiful and there are gold threads that run throughout. Bodysuits elongate your body with their high leg line and low cut neck. Check out some other bodysuit inspiration down below. Also, don’t forget to checkout the JPB Lingerie Shop!

boudoir outfit inspirationboudoir outfit inspiration

Here’s where to look for these awesome bodysuits! Or see more outfit inspiration here.

Boudoir T-Shirts!

Voting is now closed! The winning shirt is shown below! Thank you SO much to all who voted! I will be doing a giveaway of this shirt. If you have already voted and entered your email, great! Stay tuned to see if you are a winner. If not, simply fill out the form below and submit your info for entry. One email will be chosen at random. Entry will close at the end of the week!


Ms. K

sacramento boudoir session

This Sacramento boudoir session was ahhhmazing. Ms. K came in for a boudoir experience and oh my goodness we had a blast! This girl is absolutely stunning and she brought some killer lingerie pieces. Not only did she bring lingerie, but she brought her boyfriend’s racing jersey which made the session even more personal. I love when clients really spend some time choosing their outfits! There is something about thigh highs and garters that I think are just so flattering, don’t you??

sacramento boudoir session  sacramento boudoir session

Ms. N


I am a FIRM believer that the second boudoir session you do will blow the first one out of the water. Ms. N has done a session with me in the past but man, this one was SMOKIN’ HOT! Her last one was of course beautiful, but we went for a more airy feel to those images. This time around, it was all about shadows, sultry poses and some killer lingerie. I also can’t say this enough but professional hair and makeup make a huge MASSIVE difference for your session. I can’t stress it enough. It gives you a ton of confidence but also creates a seriously flawless finish to your photos.

This pretty lady had her hair and makeup done by Polish and Pout and I love how the smoky eyes and bold curls gave her a killer bombshell look!

Ms. N you rocked it once again in the JPB studio! Take a look at just some of her gorgeous images here.